Extraordinary Guarantees and Your Business Model

Extraordinary Guarantees and Your Business Model

I am a big fan of by Dr. Christopher Hart’s book, “Extraordinary Guarantees: A New Way to Build Quality Throughout Your Company & Ensure Satisfaction for Your Customers.” In the book Dr. Hart lays out a blueprint for improving margins and sales via exceptional guarantees. He offers several examples including a powerful one of a New York company that captured a 60% share of their market with a product priced at double the normal rate.

I could not agree more with Dr. Hart’s commentary on guarantees as a powerful business model tactic. However, the business landscape is currently cluttered with guarantees that are anything but extraordinary. Here’s my personal hate list of lousy guarantees:






Here’s an example of a guarantee done right. I recently stayed in a Crowne Plaza hotel and found the sign below by my alarm clock. We will wake you at your set time or your stay is free. No excuses or yabuts; no exceptions or *’s; and enough skin in the game to make it interesting and worth my while.


More companies need to leverage the power of extraordinary guarantees like Crowne Plaza. Dr. Hart suggests in his book that these guarantees increase customer satisfaction, allow for increased pricing, and force operational improvements (Crowne Plaza cannot afford to give away too many free nights so I am guessing they tightened up their wake up system).

What cool ideas have you seen companies use for extraordinary guarantees?



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