Business Model Wheel

Business Model Wheel

A business model is more than simply how you make money. A business model is central to the profitability of the enterprise and cascades into all facets of the business. In order to properly evaluate your business model, you must use a structured approach.


Wrong way to evaluate a business model Right way to evaluate a model


To create a systematized and structured approach to evaluate a business model, we created the Business Model Wheel ™. First, the wheel breaks down a business model into the three core elements: the offering, the monetization, and the sustainability. Download the Wheel.

Then, each of these element is broken down into the eight areas of a business model:


By analyzing each area of the business model, you can find its strengths, weaknesses, and innovation opportunities. The Business Model Wheel ™ allows the user to quantify the strength of each of the eight areas, creating a Business Model Score.



Watch this quick demonstration of how to use the
Wheel as a scoring tool


Brainstorming with the Business Model Wheel (TM) from BMI


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Another way to utilize the Business Model Wheel ™ is as structured
brainstorming tool for creating or innovating a business model.

Scoring a business model scoring using the Business Model Whee (TM) from BMI



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Watch this short demonstration of the
Wheel as a brainstorming tool

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