Business Model Creation Coach

Business Model Creation Coach

Your business model is the foundation of profitability for your business. Without a great business model, all your hard work could be wasted.

Many savvy businesspeople have the beginnings of a great business model but are looking for someone to vet their ideas, brainstorm, and augment their concepts.

That’s why we created the Business Model Creation Coach Program. We are constantly getting emails with questions like:

Unfortunately, there’s no magic workbook or video to help with these issues. The only way to fully capitalize on your ideas is to brainstorm and co-create with a live human being – not a recording or magic training course. It would be even better if you could co-create with a business model expert, right?

The Business Model Creation Coach program pairs you with a Certified Business Model Analyst from the Institute to refine your new business model. You will get:

The Business Model Institute believes that a unique business model is important for us too. We offer the first session for this program at no cost or obligation. You will have the opportunity to work with your coach and determine if the process is a fit for you. At the end of the first session, all we ask is that you make a yes/no decision for the remaining sessions.

Please complete the form at the link below to begin the process. We need your credit card number to make sure you are serious but your card will not be charged.

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