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Swoopo.com Sells iPad for $17,739

To better understand the Swoopo.com business model, let’s review a previous post, Swoopo’s Innovative Business Model.  In a nutshell, you buy $0.01 bids on Swoopo for $0.60.  Then you bid on iPads, TVs, Gold bars, etc.  You might win an iPad for $35, but Swoopo has sold 3500 $0.60 bids for the privilege of “winning” […]


Swoopo.com’s Innovative Business Model

Swoopo.com seems to be a mash-up of Black Friday meets the Lottery plus eBay.  This ingenious business model allows Swoopo to sell a $699 iPad for $3,653? According to Swoopo.com, We are an internet company with a unique, worldwide business model. We are the creators of “Entertainment Shopping“ on the internet, and, one of the […]


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