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Kraft Snack Division’s New Business Model = Cadbury + Nabisco

Information as to which products Kraft will place in the snack company and which will land in the grocery company are a bit sketchy.  However, it seems that anything junk-foodish falls into the Snack side.  After reviewing the products that would fall into this new company, it struck me that most of  the powerhouse brands […]


Kraft Acquires Cadbury for $19 Billion Only to Split Company 18 Months Later

18 months ago Kraft (KFT) acquired Cadbury for $19 billion and became the second-largest food company in the world, based on revenue (Nestle is #1). In 2007 Kraft acquired Lu Biscuits from Danone for $7.7 billion. Why all the major acquisitions? What do they do for Kraft’s Business Model? According to Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld […]


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