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Groupon adds interesting twist to the business model

I received an interesting email from Groupon enticing me to join the Groupon VIP program.  The program offers Groupon users the option to: Book First: Get early access to deals and first dibs on making reservations. Buy Past Deals: Get exclusive access to our Deal Vault to grab previously closed and sold-out deals. Get Anytime […]


The Boston Effect: Groupon Business Model set to fail?

If the immediate follow-up analysis to Groupon’s S-1 results released on June 2nd can be summed up in a phrase, it is this: Not Good. The negative press over the last few weeks has been considerable, despite the good numbers. Since then, however, points of view have tempered, with those rooting for the daily deal […]


Do Copycats Hurt Groupon’s Business Model?

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then daily deal site, Groupon, has been highly complimented by the countless copycat companies that have emerged recently. Could these copycats be eroding Groupon’s business model? Perhaps. But, by continuing to differentiate itself and adapt to the competition, Groupon could continue to lead in what has become […]


Can Groupon Survive in a Crowded Marketplace?

Yipit’s analysis of Groupon’s declining hold on the daily deals space indicates lower customer engagement, fewer deals sold overall and falling average revenues per subscriber for the email deal industry leader. In light of the company’s looming IPO, do these changes signal the death knell of the daily deal business model or is there still […]


Why Groupon May Fade, but the “Groupon” Will Never Die

A week before Groupon’s now infamous IPO was announced, the New York Times wrote a touching introspective on the company. Titled “Funny or Die,” the article suggested that Groupon’s success hinged on a simple and familiar commodity: words. Anyone who has signed up for Groupon’s mailing list has been exposed to the cheeky, sometimes funny, […]


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