Business Models for Dummies Special Offer

Business Models for Dummies Special Offer

It pays to wait

In just a few days, my new book, Business Models for Dummies hits the shelves and I am hoping you can help me achieve a lifetime goal – a #1 best-seller on Amazon. This is a stretch for a business book, but it can be done!

Business Models for Dummies

Ethical bribe

I need your help to reach this goal and I am prepared to share some of my most valuable content with you as a sign of my appreciation.

Amazon computes book rankings hourly. If you purchase the book on Wednesday June 12th between 3pm Eastern and 9pm Eastern time, I will give you all of the following at no charge. Just send your confirmation email from Amazon.

1. Full access to the 5-Lesson Business Model Secrets Course including handouts, worksheets, and templates (normally sells for $199 on our website)

2. Access to a private call I will host to discuss the finer points in the book. This call will take place three weeks after the book is released to allow people to read some of the chapters.

3. Full Business Quotient ™ report on their business. This is our newest development which scores the quality of a business model from 0-100. Retail price of the BQ report is $300.


How it works

You can purchase the book at

Add to you Outlook calendar –

We will send an email the day before you should purchase the book and one hour before as a reminder. Simply buy the book and forward your Amazon receipt. That’s it.


Business Model for Dummies Book Summary
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My sincere thanks

I genuinely appreciate your assistance in helping me with this endeavor. I am proud of the content of the book and know you will benefit from it. Pay extra attention to Chapter 13. I think it’s some of my best work.

You can purchase the book at


Jim Muehlhausen

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