Live Business Model Secrets Program

Live Business Model Secrets Program

Business Owners and CEOs:
Improve Your Business Model & Increase Your Profits
by attending the…

Business Model Secrets Online Course

Class Schedule:
Module 1 – Background & analysis of your existing business model

  • 25 potential sources of business model improvements


  • In-depth analysis of your existing model
  • Pull back the curtain – how model analysis works
  • Learn King Gillette and Henry Ford’s secret strategy. Hing: It wasn’t the assembly line that made Henry Ford rich, it was this strategy

Module 2 – Model assessment interpretation and profit opportunities

  • Versioning and point releases of your existing business model


  • Learn to move from the “buffalo hunt” sales methid towards recurring revenue
  • Learn what product we all gladly buy that is more expensive than Russian Caviar

Module 3 – 87 Profit enhancing opportunities

  • 16 hats method
  • 98/2 Business Models


  • Learn how to create a hyper-niche for your business
  • Learn the secrets of exploding the bellcurve
  • Learn how extreme guarantees could double your sales and profits

Module 4 – Detailed how-to for the top 7 profit enhancers

  • Learn how vulnerability analysis might impact your business
  • Learn how Duraflame took a losing business model and turned it into a $500M winner


  • Learn the secrets of “Reverse Insurance”
  • Picking two of the top 7 methods to impliment at your company
  • In-depth understanding of the top 7 model enhancers

Module 5 – Action steps and implementation planning for business model enhancement

  • The “new pig” exercise
  • Time manufacturing


  • Understand the 3 undeniable business trends
  • Creating an action plan to update and impliment your business model changes

Course Highlights:

  • In-depth model analysis
    • Model history with versioning
    • Dozens of real-world business model modification examples to glean best practices
  • Identifying which of the 87 model changers will work for your business
  • Creating an action plan for implementation
  • 45-minute live session with you (at your option) following the course
  • Action guide for each module
  • Idea checklist for each module
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