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A floundering business is usually a result
of a flaw in the business model.

Is your business model flawed?

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 How does your gross margin compare to others in your industry?

 Much Lower
 Below Average
 Above Average
 Significantly Higher

 Do you have good competition or bad competition?

 Our competitors will cut prices no matter what or have tons of money to out-compete us
 We have tough, not always sane competition
 Solid but fair competition
 Little or no competition

 Do you fill an unserved or underserved market?

 We are a ME TOO at best
 We are a ME TOO in some ways
 We have some unique features/benefits for a portion of the market. However, we do not have an exceptionally strong value proposition
 We have a strong position in our niche
 We have little or no competition for the niche we have chosen

 Can a salesperson of ORDINARY skill sell it reasonably well?

 We need someone that can sell ice to Eskimos
 Our product/service takes a real pro to sell it
 We need high quality sales people, but the product/service sells well if the salesperson is skilled
 We can take almost any reasonably qualified salesperson and they can sell well
 We sell plenty without much sales effort. Almost anyone can sell this.

 Can a definable and repeatable sales process be created?

 I have no clue how we sell stuff
 We engage in quite a bit of marketing and sales activity and somehow the product/service sells
 We have an acceptable sales and marketing procedure
 We have identified a series of steps to walk a prospect from non-buyer to satisfied customer
 We have a series of steps to walk a prospect form non-prospect to satisfied customer including some proprietary marketing/sales secrets

 Are there definable and identifiable prospects?

 I wish
 I know where some of them are hiding
 We know approximately where our buyers come from
 We have a clear model of our ideal prospects and where to find them
 We have a clear model of our ideal prospects and where to find them AND we know a couple of places to find prospects that our competitors don`t

 There is an old business adage: Find a parade and get in front of it. Are you in front of a parade?

 The parade passed us years ago
 We seem to be always trying to catch the parade
 We are in middle of the parade
 We are solidly out in front of the parade
 We identified the potential parade before our competitors. We remain well in front.

 How valuable is your Rolodex?

 I don`t know anyone who can assist my business
 I have a couple useful contacts
 I have a handful of contact that have helped the business over the years
 I have made many sales or met many valuable contacts from my Rolodex
 My Rolodex is more valuable than gold
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