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Fatal Error #27: Do they graduate or quit

You are going to hate me for this one because I am going to tell you that you should WANT your best people to leave you.  No, I am not nuts.  I am simply a pragmatist. Think about it.  If you have a true superstar, that once every 10 year person... can you really afford […]


Extraordinary Guarantees and Your Business Model

I am a big fan of by Dr. Christopher Hart’s book, “Extraordinary Guarantees: A New Way to Build Quality Throughout Your Company & Ensure Satisfaction for Your Customers.” In the book Dr. Hart lays out a blueprint for improving margins and sales via exceptional guarantees. He offers several examples including a powerful one of a […]


Cool business model or waste of time

Whether this is an ingenious business model or a great way to earn $0.84 per hour, it's fun to watch.


The power of a brand

If you weren't convinced of the power of a brand, check out the cool infographic below. More interesting is the rise of the tech brands and the fall of consumer and hard goods.


Fix them or fire them?

I just finished reading Steve Shaer's book "Fix Them or Fire Them" and think it's a great resource for entrepreneurs and managers alike. He takes the tough topic of termination and breaks it down into manageable steps anyone cal follow. Here's the book on Amazon.


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