Failure Stories

The Best Marketing May be None at All

Marketing can be a daunting task. It’s always more difficult and expensive than anticipated. Sometimes the frustration of those factors causes us to make bad decisions like cutting corners or, worse yet, convincing ourselves that under-spending will probably work out alright. Unfortunately, getting your marketing 90% right sometimes yields a 0% benefit. Take the marketing […]


Don’t be afraid to narrow your niche

I saw the van below in a parking lot and it struck me as a shockingly narrow and unusual niche. This stands in stark contrast to many businesses who want to be all things to all people. They sport slogans like, “For all your… needs.” Common sense and human psychology dictate that you cannot be […]


Customer feedback may be worth more than you think

Our organization was engaged in a debate regarding customer and prospect preferences and behaviors. After a bit too much of, “I’m right, you are wrong,” someone wisely suggested surveying prospects to ask their preferences. We created a short 14 question business owner survey and offered the proprietary results as “payment” for taking the time. This […]


Fatal Error #27: Do they graduate or quit

You are going to hate me for this one because I am going to tell you that you should WANT your best people to leave you.  No, I am not nuts.  I am simply a pragmatist. Think about it.  If you have a true superstar, that once every 10 year person… can you really afford […]


Extraordinary Guarantees and Your Business Model

I am a big fan of by Dr. Christopher Hart’s book, “Extraordinary Guarantees: A New Way to Build Quality Throughout Your Company & Ensure Satisfaction for Your Customers.” In the book Dr. Hart lays out a blueprint for improving margins and sales via exceptional guarantees. He offers several examples including a powerful one of a […]


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